Planning a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Understanding Business Goals

The starting point to any marketing plan begins with understanding exactly what your business is after in accomplishing a Social Media Campaign. Understanding your goals as a company is critical to the long term success and planning of any marketing campaign.

Establish SMM Objectives

More specifically than business goals are the actual goals that your campaign is trying to achieve. Typically, this will be an email from a prospective client or a phone call. Another example of marketing objectives would include getting a specific amount of engagement or video views on a post.

Targetting Ideal Customers

Pinpointing exactly who you are trying to reach is a very important element of completing a successful Social Media Marketing Campaign. Social Media Marketing allows for specific targeting to ensure that you are spending your advertising dollars in the right places. Our campaigns are very highly targeted using demographic information down to specific location targeting or more broad categories such as gender and age.

Know Your Competition

Having a leg up on the competition and understanding the marketplace is very important. You always want to be aware of the messages that your competition is sharing. Social Media Marketing allows for a quick and timely response rate when these communication opportunities arise allowing you to reach your customer base at a moment’s notice. Competitive analysis will also let you get a grasp on what is and isn’t working, allowing for a better understanding of where the creative direction of the campaign should go.

Choosing the Right Social Media Channels

Every Social Media Entity is different. Different types of people tend to lean more heavily towards different Social Media outlets and working with someone who has an understanding for this is very important. By understanding your prospective client Force Media can direct you to the proper Social Media outlets to ensure your message is effectively delivered to the proper audience.

Create a Content Strategy

One of the most important facets of effective Social Media Marketing is the ability to control and create quality and engaging content. Search Engines not only reward valuable content on websites, but also the Social Media community engagement around this content as well. Understanding what types of content works most efficiently is very important when implementing your content strategy. High Quality HD Video and Photography is being very heavily rewarded on the web. Ensure that your campaign does not lack entertaining and engaging content.

Allocate Budget and Resources

Being able to properly budget your campaigns can be critical to your success and ability to continue to spend money towards marketing. One of the most underappreciated pieces of information a good Social Media Marketer can use is your average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This is the amount it takes to obtain a new client through your campaign. It is very critical to ensure that this number is as low as possible while still driving enough impressions to your campaign to make an impact. We allow our clients to set their marketing budgets to their needs based on the recommendations of Force Media.

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