Strong Connections With Video Ads Use Video To Engage With Your Audience And Create Meaningful Connections


Engaging Connections

Video advertising has long been the medium of choice for reaching a high level of engagement between companies and their customers. Video is unmatched in it's ability to elicit emotional involvement from viewers, and advertising video online just enhances the ability to connect. Unlike other forms of video advertising, a web audience can start engaging with your brand immediately. Using annotated links, viewers can start shopping, learn about your services, share your brand in their social networks and engage in discussions around your brand. Start connecting with your target market while they watch, browse and engage with video content. Promote your video across the web, even on other videos. Let Force Media show you how to capitalize on this unique and growing potential to connect with consumers.

Display your ads your target market's YouTube video stream.

Display your video ads in your target market's YouTube video stream.

Viewers can interact with your business through our videos by directing them to more information on your website and creating social connections for additional brand exposure.

Viewers can interact with your business through our videos by directing them to more information on your website and creating social connections for additional brand exposure.

Relevant Connections

Because we can target specific groups of people based on specific demographic options, we can ensure that your message is getting to the right audience for your business. With video advertising, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video or chooses to continue watching, so you can be sure that not only they are in the right hands, but receptive ones.

Measurable Connections

During video advertising campaigns, a great deal of data becomes available for analysis. This data is quite useful in determining the success of a campaign and making changes to optimize its performance. Force Media consistently monitors your video ads, how people are interacting with them and reports this information back to the business.

Social Connections

Use the video itself to make social connections through comments, sharing and socially linked annotations, or deliver directly through existing social media business advertising. Facebook, for example, makes it possible to present your video message to existing followers, their friends, and anyone else through their own social targeting measures.

Video Advertising Portfolio See How Advertising With Video Can Enhance Your Message

A handful of video projects implemented in video advertising online. We use annotations to link to key areas of your site and various associated accounts linked with your brand. When connected social media accounts such as Twitter and Google+, it becomes easy to integrate a video presence into your existing web strategy. Video can also be integrated into your website, driving traffic to specific pages, or enhance the content of pages where consumers typically land on your site. Learn More About Our Video Services

Complete Video Production & Advertising One Stop Solution For Online Video Advertising

Force Media provides stunning video production and video advertising under one roof, making us an ideal solution for commercial video geared for web use. We work with you to discover your message and produce a video that delivers that message effectively, and capable of interaction from viewers who may want to learn more about your products, start shopping, or share your message with a friend.

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